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About Waterways Willy

Waterways Willy is now the facebook persona (handle) of Graham Beven.

Graham Beven (DOB 22 May 1949) is a British born member of the public, married since 1969 to Jean, father to two grown up daughters, grandfather to two grandsons, as well as 'daddy' to "Jack" Russell a faithful canine companion.

Graham had a secondary education that failed miserably to prepare him for adulthood. He has travelled extensively and used his guile and curiosity to become a well rounded adult with many varied interests and no prejudices.

He is an Darwinist Atheist, with a firm belief that organised religion in the overall balance of things causes more harm than it does good on the Third Rock from the Sun. That is not to say that he does not support anybody from any sect that is attempting to do the right thing or against following the basic Christian / Muslim / Jewish tenets of the 'Commandments' of those religions.

Graham has no established 'party political' leanings but following the belief that all people are born equal is against inherited power or influence and as such is a 'follower' but not a member of the Republican cause in the UK.

He has served Britain's Crown and Government in the Royal Air Force Police (12 years), Humberside Constabulary (1 year), Royal Military Police (10 years) and has been in receipt of a Military Pension a retired Junior Non Commissioned Officer (Corporal) since the age of 42.

As a civilian Graham was a Brickworks Foreman / Manager, Licenced Landfill Site Manager and after a 1 year sabbatical in the USA was employed by a SCANIA Truck franchise as a Logistics Professional (White Van Man!) - Entering semi-retirement at the age of 55 he became a partner in the setup of JeGraNet ( Jean Graham Internet) a Trademarked internet based marketing and web services supplier as well as entering into the realms of Multi Level Marketing firstly with a major UK company TelecomPlus trading as The Utility Warehouse (quoted on the LSE) and an American based company 'FOREVER' as Aloe-Vera-Business.com an ethically sourced aloe vera and beehive products company.

JeGraNet is the parent owner of a number websites, mainly travel and tourism based, one of which is www.CanalCuttings.co.uk an online (only) magazine (E-zine) that is a non political, general topic and information website. JeGraNet also builds and manages affordable web solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Jean and Graham have been boaters since 2002 when they had the 60 foot narrowboat Maid Of The Mist built as a lined sailaway. For the first two years based at Otherton Boat Haven on the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal near Penkridge in Staffordshire whilst Graham fitted the craft out, whilst using the boat for weekends and holidays. Once the fit-out was 'complete' enough, Graham persuaded Jean to move on to the boat to live (illegally al first on the Marina linear), a year later persuaded her to retire, give up our mooring, and declared ourselves as Continuous Cruisers (CCers).

"We keep continuously cruising over the period of the licence (a whole year) on a continuous journey in one direction, not backtracking unless absolutely necessary, until getting to the planned destination (usually a town, city or the extremity or close to the navigable waterway cruised) not staying in one neighbourhood for more than 14 days and trying to cruise different canals and rivers each year. Being able to comply as CCers as per the declaration on the licence application that we do not need to be in any one neighbourhood as we are not in work, education or have health needs that prevent us from being compliant CCers".

For the past few years we have been bona fide, generally compliant, residential boaters and continuous cruisers and have so far cruised many hundreds of miles of canals, rivers and drains and around the same number of locks and swing/lift bridges at the extremities of the navigable inland waterways system.

The adoption of Waterways Willy has come about as Graham has become slightly more 'political' maybe than your average boater!

He is not hiding behind the computer keyboard as a 'Keyboard Warrior' and is willing to meet anyone face-to-face to discuss "the waterways environment"

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Original Idea.

10 08 2007 - Children's Story Series based on the inland waterways of England. Waterways Willy is an original idea of Graham Beven. Every effort has been made to ensure that the name Waterways Willy has not been used before 10 08 2007.

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Waterways Willy is a young green narrowboat built in 2007. Narrowboats can live for hundreds of years if they are looked after properly by their humans. Each boat, whatever its colour, size, style or creed on the inland waterways is given a human, we call them our tillermen, even when they are women!


Sometimes there are two humans and sometimes a whole family to look after them, then we call them our crew! Sometimes the humans are already looking after other moving things like cars or caravans, but cars and caravans don't live as long as boats and have no soul because they can't float like boats.


Sometimes the humans want to move away and look after something else like a villa in Spain or a cottage in the country or just get too old or fed up or the rest of the crew wander off to do something else but before they go for good they must find another human to look after us. Sometimes we end up waiting ages for a new human and then a human called a broker with his crew takes us in and looks after lots of us until we get our new human.

Their birth takes place on land usually with the help of humans.

Other Characters that will be appearing with Waterways Willy:

Old British waterways working boat - Frank - I'll always be frank!

Narrowbeam Dutch Barge - Harald

Dredger - Derek

Crane - Jim Morgan 1932 - "You must keep fit"

Widebeam - Wanda

Icebreaker - Frosty

Tug - Arnold

Working Boat - Bill

Butty - 'Chip'

Narrowboat (Trad) - Mrs. Rose Castle

Narrowboat (Cruiser) Ex-Hire - Scuff

Hotel Boat Motor - Wanda

Hotel Boat Butty - Toad

Charter Boat - Willow (Meg the Collie dog)

Restaurant Boat - Broccoli

Trip Boat - Happy

Waterbus - Reginald

Waterways Trader - Foxy

Trader Butty - Vixen

Steam Boat - Mr. McCoy

Horse-drawn Boat - Clop

Day Boat - Dizzy

Day Boat - Dillon

River Cruiser - 'Tupper'

Weed Cutter - Major Sharp

Rubbish boat - Enrico

Black Boat - Sirus

Brown Boat - Gordon


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